Enjoying Pencil Adventures with Jez Whitworth

PencilAdventuresWhat’s the best non-fiction?

I’d choose something that reads like a conversation. I don’t want any grand promises or stern lectures. I want an author with the attitude of “Here’s what worked and what didn’t. I hope you might learn from my mistakes and successes.”

Such a winning attitude comes from United Kingdom artist Jez Whitworth. His Pencil Adventures is a short but insightful introduction to a learning-by-doing splash into the art world. Seeking an audience for his “Rusty Rocket” artwork, Jez recounts selling at craft fairs and online.

He concludes the text by detailing a masterful plan. Jez found on Twitter conversations about Stonehenge by tourists, visitor-fans and others devoted to the site. He tells how he found a subtle way to mention to all that he created a print of the fabled landmark.

Find the man on Twitter and Facebook. He’s crafted more than one instructional video for Youtube. Check out his Etsy shop. Any devotee of “Free Art Fridays,” leaving surprise artworks in town and countryside to be discovered by the unsuspecting, is worth knowing. Get Pencil Adventures and be inspired. Bravo, Jez!




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