Legend Diary redefines adult coloring books

Legend DiaryHere’s a whole new CREATIVE way to approach 2016.

Friends Onyx and Alexa Aker have teamed for an epic creation:the Legend Diary Printable Color-Me Planner.

Anyone who has followed the Akers on Twitter knows they love proving how each day can be “Legendary.” Clients are “legends.” Their followers should be proud to connect those clues with the title.

How did the pair redefine what self-publishing can be? Here’s the inside story of “the making of” Legend Diary.

“We have been thinking for a while about what we could make that people could enjoy. We do design for a living, but it is often project based, and we wanted to be able to offer something creative for whom we hope to reach – other creative, positive people. Something they could buy and enjoy on their own,” Onyx said.

“As far as how the idea came to be – we often create custom forms to keep track of our own projects – and the silliest thing is – they usually end up being doodled upon. Not sure when the Eureka moment came to be – but it started as something simple – and then it grew and grew into what we felt were the most common things a person needs to organize their lives,” Alexa said.

“As far as the artwork is concerned – it is all computer drawn – on everyday items, and some nostalgia items that we love. We tried to make it as varied as possible (within the time constraint of having to finish it before the year ended) – and also wanting it to be for as wide an audience as possible, for both men and women. We hope it is the one of a kind gift you wish you could give to your family and friends (and of course yourself) – hoping that even when everyone receives the same planner – everyone can make it their own,” Onyx added.

“You know the strange mentality you sometimes have when you have a “formal” planner and you think you have to write so perfectly, not doodle on it… We were hoping to break that, and let people get creative as well as organized – hopefully making planning less of a chore and more of a fun habit – and a bit of a surprise too, not knowing exactly what you will see on the next page,” Alexa said.

I can’t imagine finding another quality publication for just two cents per page! It’s a Christmas gift someone can appreciate all year long. To order, go to their website, www.onyxandalexa.com.



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