USA Today takes a poke at self-publishing

NaNoWriMoDon’t expect the news media to be a friend to authors.

I saw the Sunday “USA Snapshots” in USA Today Life.

The sidebar box read:

“307 novels by participants have been ‘traditionally’ published (not self-published).”

Say what?!?

I hate the word “traditional.” It means nothing. If Joe Blow starts “Sixpack Publishing” in his basement and I pay him to crank out copies of my book, is this traditional? He is a company. Suppose no money changes hands. Is it still REAL when one other person is involved?

Have the brainiacs at USA TODAY ever read a Kindle e-book or other self-published creation? I think they have no idea of the literary talent who choose not to be “traditional.”

Be prepared to be demonized when you self-publish. Write for yourself, not for some clueless newspaper gatekeeper.



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