Adults coloring? Don’t forget the Christmas cards!

christmas cards akersPerfection. Fear. Twin terrors.

There’s one unusual aspect I admire about the newest creation from Onyx and Alexa Aker.

Who? Check out their epic project to ring in 2016. Go on, I’ll wait.

Welcome back. Cool, huh?

The brother-sister talents weren’t about to let the Christmas season pass. Instead of waiting for months to fret over an idea, they are on the market NOW. They’ve created a fun, affordable way for the self-coloring fans of the world to celebrate the holiday.

“We may be relying more and more on electronic means to get in touch with the people we love, but there is nothing quite like the feeling of getting a physical greeting card — and there is no better time to give one than around the holidays,” Alexa said.
“Design can connect people. And design is better when people can share it and put their own stamp on it. This is our intention in creating printable coloring greeting cards.”
To grab some of these fun Christmas wonders, click and see what the Akers are offering. Then, break out the colors. The holiday is nearing!

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