Writers, could you be a Donald Trump?

Bard coverI’m still laughing.

It’s no secret I’m in Iowa (although I’m taking offers). That means the Iowa Caucus makes me popular, at least temporarily. Candidates are everywhere, on my phone, e-mail and mailbox. In more ways than one!

Mike Chiaverina, my gifted teacher from high school, knows this fact. That’s why his handwritten Christmas card greeting caused laughs that would squirt milk through any noses. He inscribed the card:

“I will make your holidays great again!

  • Donald J. Trump (just kidding)”

For any writer who is stuck (let’s not use the BLOCK word), consider this. All these candidates are busy. Pick your most (or least) favorite potential president, and “help” him or her. What would a Valentine’s greeting penned by this personality look like? Here’s your chance to make politics fun again.

Meanwhile, check out a sample of Bard of the Deal, the oh-so-fun poetry parody written by using actual Trump quotes, Tweets and more.



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