Write what you know? Try writing who you are first!

Christina Fisanick Greer bookToo often, I see writers drowning in a years-old sea of research.

Even when writing fiction, they have been sucked in by the “write what you know” buzzwords.

Sure, anyone can fear that they’ll never truly know anything, and that their voice won’t be authentic. All the while, these worrying writers forget who they are.

Meet Christina Fisanick Greer. Look at what she’s created. Whose story is she telling? Her own!

Christina says:

“My coloring book was born out of a desire to combine my twin loves: writing and art. I love to create and to help others use their creativity to heal. Given that I am in recovery from binge eating disorder, I developed this coloring book and journal as a guide that other people in recovery could use as well.

“I have been teaching college writing for almost 20 years and am the author of nearly 30 books, so I developed writing prompts based on years of experiences. They encourage the reader to explore their recovery critically and compassionately.

“My next book, The Optimistic Addict: Recovering from Binge Eating Disorder, will be released my MSI Press in late summer. In addition, I offer a free six-lesson writing for recovery course on my website: www.optimisticfoodaddict.com/courses.”

“Coloring for Recovery,” Christina’s coloring book can be downloaded at her Etsy shop for just 99 cents by clicking here:

Potential authors struggle with identifying an audience of readers. Christina proves that it’s vital to create something for one reader first. That reader is yourself.


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