Rejection letters for J.K. Rowling?

(Photo credit: Sjhill, Wikimedia Commons)

(Photo credit: Sjhill, Wikimedia Commons)

Even __________ (insert name of mondo-famous author) gets rejections.

Did you know Dr. Seuss got rejected ___________ times? (Bigger the better!)

The numbers grew. The names changed. However, the talk remained the same in 1990s writing conferences. I wish such “chin up” assertions helped me. I was ready to hear the claim of “God’s Ten Commandments were rejected 101 times until he self-published and Moses distributed them.”

The news that J.K. Rowling would share any kind of rejection letter gave me that vintage flashback.

My advice today? Let that horse rest. Put the manuscript back in the stables. That as-is literary pony may win the next race, without a single tweak. Don’t over-analyze. Save your microscope for germs, not random rejection letters.




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