Sued for a negative online review? It can happen!

(Photo credit: Daino_16,

(Photo credit: Daino_16,

And the truth shall set you free?

We’d all like that to be true. However, some businesses smarting over honest online customer reviews are taking the debate to a new level.

Meet the Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, also known as SLAAP.

The Sunday Des Moines Register ran a jaw-dropping example of a business hoping to silence an unhappy customer. A lawsuit is the too-common answer these days to someone who won’t retract their review.

Investigative watchdog Lee Rood pointed out that Iowa is one of approximately 22 states without a law protecting consumers against intimidating lawsuits, or SLAAP attacks.

In this election season, ask candidates their First Amendment views. Do you live in a state without a law protecting online reviewers?

Your honest opinion shouldn’t result in a bankrupting courtroom battle. However, reviewers should know that they’ll need to be ready to defend those opinions.



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