How Harry S. Truman helped one writer

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

— President Harry S. Truman

I put Truman’s words to the test as my first literary workout of 2017.

When I learned that a local young woman had been selected to perform with the Salvation Army Tournament of Roses parade, I wanted to spread the joy.

rose-bowl-paradeSure, the weekly paper ran a feature. However, would anyone else ever know?

I vowed to query the media for a story that wasn’t my own.

I rushed an e-mail to the “news tip” address of the nearest NBC affiliate. The station carried two hours of parade coverage. Why not follow up the special event with an area angle?

I sent the URL link to the weekly newspaper feature. I jotted a couple of sentences about why the story was perfect for this TV station. Then, I included a contact number for the woman’s pastor.

Boom! Reporter Jannay Towne covered the story from three different perspectives. Her fine feature was complete just hours after parade programming ended.

Do you ever catch yourself starting a sentence with “Someone should’ve…”? Or “Why didn’t anyone do…”? Today, I stopped being a backseat driver. I grabbed the wheel.

My motto for 2017 will be “why not?” Try. Try every day.

Worry less. Write more!



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