Tom WHO? Owens?!?

“I never knew about you!” A new supporter has confirmed that you’re the best-kept secret in town. If only there were some way to make that good new better.

Horton the Elephant heard the Whos down in Whoville. How can everyone hear you?

It’s not about shouting louder with more advertising. That’s what everyone else does. You’re unique. Don’t be afraid to be different. What you do could make headlines.

I’m Tom Owens, writer. I believe that words matter. My words exist in more than 60 published books and hundreds of bylined articles. Let me help tell your story.

I’ve been a newspaper reporter. The bad-news stories were no fun to write. But business owners and organization members often turned down my efforts to find happier tales. They couldn’t agree on which stories they wanted told. Didn’t they know who they were, how they did it or why they existed? If they knew, they weren’t ready to share.

Are you ready?  When I was a newly-published author, I didn’t have the budget to advertise every new title. My publishers wanted to promote their famous authors — the ones who didn’t need help. Instead, I dreamed up ways to be a publicized news item. I vowed not to be someone broke and bitter over expensive, ineffective advertising.

I write press releases, letters, blurbs, slogans, ghost-written articles…whatever it takes to help share someone’s story. I know what the media wants and needs. Quit waiting for journalists to discover you. Let’s help them help you NOW.

E-mail me at tom owens writer @ (closing spaces).

We can create a plan to make your story their story, too. Your story can be a story that others want to share. We’ll give the world — your world — something to talk about.


One thought on “Tom WHO? Owens?!?

  1. Tom, I love reading your whimsical narrative and comment that is makes me think. Hope to see you sometime. Ann

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